Wednesday, December 28, 2016


These are the nominess for the Newcomer of the year Emma, aka Finnish Grammy. Some real talent here and quite a few questionable ones, IMHO. But what do I know?

Alma (20) made herself known in Idols three years ago where she finished 5th but then disappeared from the spotlight. She kept working and exploded this year with Karma, Bonfire and Dye my hair both nationally and internationally. Her debut album will be released in 2017 and the expectations are high, both by public and critics. Interesting talent indeed. She should just walk this category. 
Arttu Lindeman (20) is a videoblogger and rap artist. Thanks to his huge following in web he has scored four Spotify #1s this year with Läikkyy, Faijas, Menee tunteisiin and Hukutaan. Fans like, critics don't. I don't. 
Evelina (21), like Alma, made her first appearance in a talent show, The Voice. She didn't get that far and it took a few years and she was back; ready and succesful. She scored her first #1 (Honey) in late 2015 and this year the success has continued with Sireenit (#1), Sushi (#3), Ei filtterii (#2) and Fuulaa (#16) and #3 album. She can sing, but all her recorded music is autotuned to death. Why?
Ellinoora (22) has been around for a few years now, and got a record deal already at 17. The music she was made to do didn't feel right and the album was dropped and the work started anew, the way she wanted it. The result was released only this fall and six singles have been released from it: Ei hävittävää, Minä elän (#18), Carrie (#5), Leijonakuningas (#6), Rakkauden kesä (#29) and Elefantin paino (#5). The platinum selling album went to #2. I think she sounds a bit too much like so amny other popular female singers already. There are so many.....
Lucas (17) was spotted when singing at school and soon he was in the studio. He released his debut album this year (#7) and already six singles off it in 2015-2016: Aurinkoo, Täydellisen epätäydellinen, Kauniita yhdessä, 101 prosenttia (#27), Jäätyy and Sun takii. He hasn't quite managed to cut away the public from Robin or Isac Elliott as propably planned....
Töölön Ketterä is a duo by producer Handshaking and rapper Matti Kasi. They have released two EPs this year with songs like Kiska kiinni and Kipee, and single Ludoo. Never heard of them, and never listened to them either. Why are they here?

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