Thursday, December 08, 2016


In some countries hundreds, in some thousends apply for the Eurovision song contest. In Georgia we have 27 applicants*. Surely makes the life of the selecting jury easier. How the winner is chosen is not made known but rumor is there will be a national final of some form and some number of entries. Though last time they did one the artists performed on video instead of belting their entries out live on stage.... We live intriguing times while waiting what they have come up this time around.... 
Anyways, among the applicants from the previous selections like Misha Sulukhia and Eter Beriashvili at it again and a lot of talent show royalty: winner of the Voice 2013 Mariam Chachkhiani, Georgian Idol winner 2009 Oto Nemsadze who has done also the Voice of Ukraine, some names from X Factor (Andria Glevesiani, Giorgi Chikovani, Sparkle) and even to New Wave winners: Rati Durglisvhili (2008) and Nutsa Buzaladze (2014). Out of this lot they should get out something good, right?
*Sabina Chantouria was added to the line up. Her application was sent in time but delivered late. Maybe the Finnish Posti is in charge delivering the mail also in Georgia.....

Update 14.12. Some modification has been to the shortlist and 26 songs are list and you can listen them - chekc out the link at the bottom. 

Nanuka Giorgobiani - Let the sunshine in
Giorgi Chikovani - Make it right
Davit Shanidze - Mtveris katsi
Trio Mandili - You and me
Temo Sajala - All the same
Elene Mikiashvili - Fighter
Andria Gvelesiani - Revolusionise
The Mins - Crime
Alisa Danelia - We are eternity
Rati Durglishvili - Why
Brandon Stone & Eter Beriashvili - Heyo song
Tornike Kipiani & Giorgi Bolotashvili - You are my sunshine
EOS - Urban signs
Dima Kobeshavidze - Scream
Malibu - We live once
Asea Sool - Nature
Natia Bidzinashvili - My song for you
Misha Sulukhia - Magic
Tako Gachechiladze - Keep the faith
Oto Nemsadze & Limbo - Dear God
Mariam Chachkhiani - Fly
Nutsa Buzaladze - White horses run
Sparkle - On the top
Nino Basharuli - The song of love
Mariko Lejava - Bithard and avol waves
Sabina Chantouria - Stranger

You can listen to the entries here

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