Monday, December 19, 2016


Then they were two..... the looooong Armenian selection Depi Evratesil is nearing its final this Saturday, Christmas Eve for most of us but in Armenia business as usual it seems. Two ladies made it to the final: Marta from Anush's team and Artsvik from Essai's team. 
Marta Kirakosyan teaches as State Song Theatre of Armenia and Artsvik Harutyunyan is a Russian-Armenian artist and has in the past participated in the Russian Voice back in 2013. 
As said the final battle between the two ladies takes place this Saturday but it's yet unknown if they will perform their eventual entries or will they look for a song for the winner later. Like shopping it Sweden...

1. Artsvik (jury 35 + televote 27 = 62)
2. Marta (jury 21 + televote 40 = 61)
3. Suyzanna (jury 30 + televote 24 = 54)
4. Egine (jury 24 + televote 19 = 43)

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