Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Enter Rykka whose hair has turned grey/blue for the occasion. Still those granny curls though. She's again performing barefoot, long black but trasparent dress on a blue lit stage with waterfall pyros with other pyros and smoke effect in the beginning of the song right behind her as well. Her backing singers are hidden away. Her hairdo and that dress and the smoke effect certainly take your ears off the song, that is hevily supported by backing vocalists. She surely seems ready for the aliens to come and pick her up asif she's last of our kind..... but before please let her go and pee as she seems to be in desperate need of that!
In the Meet & Greet she feels good, relaxed. The rest of the meeting was maybe the most akward so far; the flow was really low and she wasn't that talkative, was she? And no one seemed to really have questions for her.... Oh well. Check it out at the bottom of this post. 
In the video Israel's Hovi Star welcomes Rykka with open arms.... 

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