Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Sweden is the last bonus rehearsal tonight, so Frans can go back to Ystad and school for a couple of days before returning to Stockholm and the Eurovision bubble. The staging is kept pretty much the same as in Melodifestivalen and his first performane in semifinal there, in one word: relaxed. It's all very simple, just the bulb ficture behind him with some simple images and words - all of them negative btw like "mistaek", "lies" etc. Apparently Frans is using the catwalk this time. Here goes to old saying "If it's not broken why change it" and if it worked in Sweden it will do wonders in Europe, too. Sweden won't be doing host 1992 here, but rather host 1985....
In the Meet & Greet thinks his rehearsal was ok despite the empty house, he seems to be used for the full houses by now, He says it's been rather easy for him so far, he's been to school living his normal life in between. He has people taking care of him, he's really living in a moment. He likes to keep things on a  tight schedule. Winning Melodifestivalen was massive and being at Eurovision is such an honor. He' feeling a bit confused. Check out the rest in the video at the bottom of this post.

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