Thursday, May 05, 2016


Slovenia's turn to start off the rehearsals. It's the Day 4 already! ManuElla performs in a long white dress that shows off her legs and boobs. She's got a swinging Danish acrobat doing tricks around her. Wind machine, pyros and the unimaginative choice of colors - yes, blue and red, complete the act. At one point the backdrop is filled with eyes that seems a bit weird. Like does his acrobats in the whole picture but who's complaining? "Better than expected" seems to be the most common comment in the web. Pretty good vocals, good backing singers and allin all, better than expected. I for one didn't expect much but this has turned a nice one. Not maybe nice enough to qualify but who knows?
In the Meet & Greet we also meet her acrobat and he tells how and why he was chosen for the job adn what kind of difficulties he had with the rehearsal. ManuElla thinks he's perfect. For ManuElla being on this stage was a dream come true. She feels unreal but also at home. How is the country music scene in Slovenia? Check out this and the rest in the video at the bottom of this post. 

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