Wednesday, May 04, 2016


All about domestic violance in Serbia's staging, as the song suggests. Despite the heavy topic the song'sgreat and the performance fitting without being too underlining. The four female backing singers cover their eyes and mouths, a male dancer comes in later and and lifts one of the females who tries to get away. Powerful. As are Sanja's vocals, and the song. Silver and red in the backdrop but Sanja's dress is still a mystery. It seems only positive comments all over the media and as being one who loved the song to start with this is all kinds of wonderful. Straight to the final and hopefully very high on the scoreboard in there. In the choreography there's a hint of Serbia's winning performance in Helsinki 2007. Both red color and the choreography in the end.
In the Meet & Greet Sanja shines, too, edgng stand up show at parts. . She says it was a wonderful experience to be on that stage, the biggest she's ever been to so far. She's born to do it. 5-7-10-14-15-4. That's her secret combination, or the camers she need to chase during her number. She's all excited she's here again with her friends she made this spring, Ira and Hovi, Deen, Dalal and the rest. She's very bubbly and talkative in a girly way, all exited and everything's amaaaazing. She has no worries, they have prepaired themselves well and she's ready. Did you know she speaks Arabic? And then she even sings in Arabic! (Check the video) She also tells how she got the Eurovision job and you really should watch it (the video below at the bottom) and how the other artists get along with each other. And did I say how funny and divine she is? The Meet & Greet ends with a fantastic traditional Serbian song/Oro 2008 by Sanja and her girls. 

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