Thursday, May 05, 2016


Earlier this season poor Agnete had to cancel her promo events in Europe due bad flu. Few days ago it was told she would cancel all her promotion events in Stockholm, too, due some mental issues. She only wants to be on stage and sing. Nothing else. Head of delegation tells Agnete needs our support and feel comfortable at the moment. The stage is mainly - you guessed it - blue. The staging is pretty much the same as in Norwegian final, as is her dress. One dancer behind her. All very icy, of course. And with some smoke. Reports tell the press center had no reaction whatsoever to this, so very icy atmosphere indeed. 
Without any promotion Norway now proves the long PR tours and happenings all over Europe are useless as the televoters in general have no clue about the songs and singers before they sit infront of their tvs Saturday night. If they do good that is. And I think they will. maybe.
In the Meet and Grret the Head of delegation brought greetings from Agnete, who wasn't able to participate. He thanks her for being so open about her problems and she's a role model, and hopefully helps other people with similar problems to cope with them. Then he welcomes everyone to Norway next year as (s)he believes she will win Eurovision..... Hmm, we will see. 
Agnete seemed to be in goos spirits in the delegation lounge but didn't attend the Meet & Greet nor gave any interviews. Not even to it seems.....

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