Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Dark, red and not pleasing the average Eurovision fan. That's Montenegro. Fitting with the song. For some reason the dancer/backing vocalist is put on the spotlight and she pretty much gets the most focus on screen. The real thing text is on display on the floor. Otherwise rather static rock performance with the vocals that are... well, rather challenging I guess. The staging and performance is fitting to the song and not watered down but then there isn't much of a song to start with, and they make most of it. Different for sure, sticks out like a rotten egg among all the glitter and happy colors. Fans in general hate this but what will the European wide audiences do? Hmm....
In the Meet & Greet they tell everyhting is just amazing; the stage, the lighting, the sound.... they have been waiting for this for months. They are very satisfied as they achieved what they wanted. And Bojan believes they will do better than he did with No Name (7th). It's good to have self confidence. It helps. And then they sing acoustic version of their song. This way it isn't bad. The production and voice gimmicks just ruin it.

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