Monday, May 02, 2016


Next on stage was Moldova: And yes! The video's cosmonaut is there, dancing it away most the song. Lidia's dress for today was rather horrible, luckily that's not the one for the night!  The backdrop is various shades of blue, maybe to represent the sky the stars are falling? She's got backing singers hidden away to save the day as Lidia alone.... oh well, never mind. 
In the Meet & Greet she reminds her song is written partly by the team who wrote last year's runner up A million voices. Like that would help.... and then we are told a story about her French teacher who wanted her to sing Edith Piaf songs. Hmm, I wonder what cosmos she was from?
Maybe the same as Juri, the cosmonaut. Truth to be said, it wasn't that bad. It only proves her entry is wrong for her. 

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