Tuesday, May 03, 2016


One of the fan favorites seems to turn down one of the major disappointments on stage, it seems judging the first reports. 
"Ira Loco wears a long dress with a six metre long train. It uses real-time tracking technology and full 360 degree projection mapping that has not been seen before on stage at a Eurovision Song Contest. It means that Ira has the freedom to move about the stage where she wants, without having to worry about whether the various images projected onto the dress are there (or not). The dress however does get discarded during the song." Ah, so that's the ugly coat everyone is talking about is, it just isn't turned on yet, maybe. It is torn away anyways in the last part of the song. And the backing singers, once again hidden away, carry most of the song it seems. I am reading "disappointing" in comments a bit everywhere....  Otherwise it's only her and her dancer Skorpion. And a huge whirlpool on the floor. 
I'm not disappointed. I never cared for this that much anyways to be honest.
In the Meet & Greet they talk of course about her previous participation and how the contest has changed, and her change of song this year. She's is working on her next album and has a lot of material for it, including the 16 extra songs she recorded for Eurovision. She also talks about her work for anti-bullying. And how it was to write and do jingles. Can Malta host the contest should she win? And all sort of other things you can check out in the video at the bottom of this post.

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