Friday, May 06, 2016


Small changes and better choreographed rapper part, that's Bosnia's recipe. I liked this at first, then I wasn't sure and now I'm buying this Balcan drama again with its important message. Hoefully they qualify!
What about the wire fence? The producer of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 2016 Eurovision Song Contest stage act, Haris Pašović, says the wire fence separating its singers over the duration of their performance is symbolic of the situation Europe is currently facing. “The fate of refugees from Syria and Northern Africa is heartbreaking. At the same time, Europe is in fear. Bosnians remember the time when the Balkans was going through its apocalypse. More than a million people had to emigrate and leave their homes behind, with many of them finding refuge in Europe and across the world. They are now successful and respected members of society in their adopted nations”, Pašović says. He adds that the wire fence, which will be featured in the country’s stage performance, is partly inspired by the Flossenburg concentration camp where there was an orchestra made up of prisoners. “Not long ago millions of Jews and Roma people, together with political prisoners and homosexuals were captured and placed in death camps in Europe during the holocaust. There were many musicians among them, some of them had to play and sing in camp orchestras. Our performance shows that under the migrant crisis there is numerous amount of human talent and beauty”. Deen, the frontman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entry, previously said that the stage routine will be “very clear, to the point and will send a very nice message to Europe and the world in three minutes”. “It will be a theatrical performance produced by Haris Pašović. The concept is edgy and explicit, while the message is clear. We are fighting for love and equality and that we should enjoy one another”, he said. 

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