Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Now this is getting interesting. They have barbed wire fence separating them, they are rolled into thermal blankets... is this going for the refugee theme with full force? Poor Ana sitting with her cello with bare legs and the foil around looks like a chicken in a grill... sorry!
When Jala comes in with his rap the barbed fire is gone and Deen & Dalal can get it going on full time. Maybe there's a concept and explanation for all of it. I will wait and see....
In the Meet & Greet visibly emotional Deen is very happy and proud to be back in Eurovision after 12 years. He's there with his friends of up to 20 years already. The faith is that once they praised Sweden for everything working so well and everything being in time the microphone didn't work and needed to be replaced... And that took another lifetime, lol. After that Deen continued telling what the song is all about and his experience of being a refugee himself. It's hasn't all been In the disco and glitter for him. Yes, you young folks, it's history but not that far away. And right in the heart of Europe and we are not talking now about African or Sirian refugees. Deen talks about that and other things, like the language question so well you should just check out the video at the bottom for yourself! I have totally changed my idea of him. 

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