Wednesday, May 04, 2016


The big question was will Ivan be naked and will he have his wolves with him. The answer is yes and no. He was naked with a wolf in 3D images while in real life entered the stage in black hood. The staging moves from close ups to wide angles and plays a lot with camera shots. The hologram wolves become Ivan in various ways: drummer, guitarist whatever until a lightning strikes baby Ivan and we get to see him white his white striped face. or something. No one seems to be sure what happened. Some reports say it's a mess, some say it's a qualifier now. Apparently it all comes down to the fact if you liked the song at first place. I don't hate it, I kinda like it. I'm curious to see it in full later on.... but my guess is this is qualifying. 
In the Meet & Greet Ivan says he's happy with the rehearsal but it's not ready yet. The Viktor guy who's behind the act is the same as Buranovskye babushki. So, from grannies to wolves, what's the difference? Ivan's facial paint goes with the back to the nature theme. Ivan likes winter because then there are no mosquitos, he likes chimneys and snow. And the sound of burning wood. He also tries to explain the concept of the staging, from nakedness in the beginning to the baby in the end..... 
Check out what else was said in the video at the bottom of this post. 
When entering the dressing room he was still playing with the fact of being naked as he was dressed in that cape and refused to take it off. Maybe he thought he was part of Gregorian and they won the German final and were here after all? 

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