Thursday, May 05, 2016


Eneda, dressed in black and white today, has three visible (!!!) backing vocalists on stage. There are golden colors  (and a lot of blue, sigh)  and stage smoke to create a soft feeling. It's all very simple and Eneda hardly moves her feet at all standing in one spot just waving her hands all around. Vocally good no doubt. The rehearsal had a few fase starts and technical problems though and the blog world seems to thin it's forgettable, uninspired and dull. Static. Why I'm not surprised?
In Meet & Greet Eneda tells her performance felt like a fairytale. Yup. Her dress will be golden color with some futuristic feel to it. And yes, there's something Albanian in the staging: the eagle. Did someone spot it? And her next project after Eurovision is a birthday party to her daughter who turns 3. And also new songs. Some talk about the Fairytale songs, that she didn't know existed! And what's the secret? Work, work and work. Express yourself, don't fear what you are. All this and more in the video at the bottom of this post. 
Eneda is full of love. The song's about love. Everybody should love somebody, everybody and everything. it's all about love. Like a fairytale.

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