Friday, May 09, 2014


The second semifinal was held tonight and once again it was a stunningly beautiful show by DR, well done! In the arena Austrian Conchita Wurst and Israeli Mei Finegold got the audience wild and the excitement culminated with the announcement of the ten finalists and only one spot was left and they both were missing - while Belarus, Switzerland and Slovenia had qualified - and in the end it was Austria that got to the final. Shame for Israel, they totallydeserved to qualify. I was disappointed by to performances, that didn't quite get there, Belarus and Macedonia. Especially Macedonia was a huge disappointment after seeing Tijana perform in EuroClub and elsewhere a few times, she has been amazing. She blew the moment when it really mattered sadly.... Finland also qualified once again :-)

Right after the semifinal there was a wild rumor Belarusian TV had not broadcasted  Austria's song and run advertising instead which would have caused a disqualification. Not true.

The running order for the final is as follows - San Marino got 25th, now it's getting really exciting! 01. Ukraine
02. Belarus 
03. Azerbaijan
04. Iceland
05. Norway 
06. Romania 
07. Armenia 
08. Montenegro 
09. Poland
10. Greece  
11. Austria 
12. Germany 
13. Sweden 
14. France 
15. Russia
16. Italy  
17. Slovenia 
18. Finland 
19. Spain 
20. Switzerland 
21. Hungary 
22. Malta 
23. Denmark 
24. The Netherlands 
25. San Marino 
26. United Kingdom

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