Thursday, May 01, 2014


Montenegro's delegation was having a party in Natcafeen The Duke and Sergej Cetkovic himself was playing the host welcoming all guests and being very available for photos and chats. Very nice guy! nd did I mention his song is very nice, one of the very few ones this year sung in another language than English, hooray for that!
There was food and drinks of course, and Sergej obviously sung his entry Moj svijet and its English version My love.
And what is a party without guests? Tijana from Macedonia was there and performed her entry To the sky
Then came Georgia's Mariko and The Shin and gave a vy energetic performance on a chair - yes, you read right, the "stage" was a chair! Talk about inmitate atmosphere. Albania's Hersi and Azerbaijan's Dilara were also expected to appear, but we had to leave for a dinner, so....  Shame, as it was a great party!
Oh, the Polish dancers were enjoying the party, too!

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