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Eurovision seen by televiewers on TV or by fans on spot in Press center and the Arena is quite different from the Eurovision seen by delegates. These two words collide in Press center, in EuroClub and Euro Fan cafe but inside the venue and Press center there are hidden corners fans and most of the press don't get into. This is a little photo story of an ordinary routine rehearsal day seen from the backstage areas. And if you didn't guess, most of it is waiting. And more waiting. And even more waiting.....
The day started usually with a pick up from the hotel. The only thing that didn't please the fans and press in Copenhagen was the transportation. Same goes for the delegations. Or what do you say about 1h40 mins driving time reserved to the veue when it only took 15 minutes? It did get better after a few days though..... Still, a lot of waiting.....
Arriving B&W hallerne and its tent village was quite an experience the first time. There it was, in the middle of nothing. I do love industrial look but sometimes there can be a little bit too much of it  really. But once you got inside it got better and within days you didn't even get lost in that tent maze of corridors anymore.
Then it was time to bring in some promos to make fans and press happy. Maybe.
And of course the Dress!
And off we went to the long tent corridors towards Delegation Lounge. 
And started waiting. What else?
Then we arrived to the lounge and the spartan dressing rooms.....
Oh, there's an orchid. And Tentacle lamps!
Claus the SoundMan worked his magic! (Here pictured in the hotel lobby though, don't expect marble floors in the dressing room tents!). Why change it if it's not broken?
Time to go. Finally!
First stop In-ear station for Valentina and backing singers Sandrina, Giovanna, Giacomo and Paulo. And of course Mauro and Ralph. 
Fix and mix that sound to perfection......
Ever present eurovision,tv photographer was there,too. This time lovely Sander.
Next step before going backstage is the microphone station.....
Last touch on make up and hair by  Nadja the Fabulous.
This is it. The real backstage where it all comes to place.
Valentina and Fabrizio in good spirits while waiting for our turn
and listening to Moldovan song for the 5th time....
Watching the rehearsal from the Green room.
While other delegations watched in the Lounge, 
and fans and press in the Press center of course.

Next stop the infamous Viewing room where all the changes are suggested, discussed and argued by the delegation and DR people. Camerashots, lights, recaps.... All that matters.

After succesful rehearsal it was time to meet hte press in the official Press conference, 
also streamed live by
And at some point you may have eaten something in the cantine. A lesson learned: sleep and eat in every given chance. That's what everyone seemed to be doing from singers to other delegates.
Or you could just hang out in the Lounge and see who's doing what. 
Something going on all the time...
Like Mauro giving an interview to the San Marino tv....
And you could of course step to the other side and visit the Press center. I want to take this opportuity to say hi to all those lovely people I met there, friends from years ago I didn't meet since Helsinki 2007, friends I met for the first time in real life, and all the new friends I made. This blogger is very happy for the succesful comeback to the Eurovision world! Can't wait for Vienna and seeing you all again! Don't know how but I will do my best to be there!
And after a very long day back to the bus and hotel. Or EuroClub. Or Euro Fan Cafe ;-p You can make your days even longer. And you do.....
And sometimes you didn't travel alone but with some other delegations. Like France for example!
And that was it. One of those 13 Eurovision filled days in Copenhagen 2014.

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