Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Valentina Monetta is back in San Marino and has met the press today with her team and delegation. They have declared happy with the outcome "It couldn't have been better" after the historic qualification for the grand final on Tuesday's semifinal against all odds. Some 150 million viewers saw Valentina singing Maybe and wondering what and where is San Marino (which is not a coctail like the BBC commentator suggested but the world's oldest republic). 
The Chairman of SMRTV Luca Marcucci emphasized the undisputed artistic value of Valentina Monetta. It was a final deserved, adds the director Carlo Romeo, as it would have been last year, too. The artist has demonstrated the ability to hold the stage, great maturity and sensitivity.  
Valentina, for her part, thanked those who believed in her and even herself for having responded to the strong moments of stress and tension that characterize the event  finding the peace that she needed to give her best on stage in Copenhagen.  
The future is uncertain,  nothing transpires on the sixth participation of San Marino in the Eurovision 2015 and even a possible fourth participation by Monetta, though, she herself admits, "what I have done in these three years is unrepeatable". 
She was also congratulated by the Captain Regents of the microstate

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