Thursday, May 15, 2014


San Marino and Valentina Monetta's Maybe scored much better with the televoters than juries, it's very clear when looking at the charts below. Although Hungarian jury ranked her 3rd, Montenegrin 6th and Albanian 8th. Italian jury killed her chances of building on a 6th place in the televoting and she scored top-10 with televote also in Russia, Armenia, Estonia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Portugal. Not bad at all!

San Marino's ranking in the combined voting:

07 Hungary (4 points)
08 Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan (3 poits)
10 Moldova (1 point)
11 Estonia
13 Italy, Montenegro, Russia
14 Georgia
17 Ukraine
18 Iceland
19 Belarus, Malta, Portugal, Romania
20 Greece, Lithuania
21 Latvia
22 Poland, Sweden, Netherlands
23 Ireland, Israel
24 Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
25 Austria, Macedonia, Norway, Slovenia, Switzerland
26 Belgium

San Marino in the jury voting (Georgia's jury vote was disqualified)

03 Hungary
06 Montenegro
08 Albania
11 Iceland, Moldova
13 Azerbaijan
14 Armenia
17 Malta
18 Russia
20 Estonia, United Kingdom
21 France, Ireland, Netherlands
22 Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine
23 Finland
24 Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Sweden
25 Austria, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Poland, 
Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland
26 Israel

San Marino in the televoting (Albania didn't have a televote)

06 Italy
09 Russia, Armenia, Estonia, Moldova
10 Azerbaijan, Portugal
11 Belarus, Ukraine
13 Latvia, Poland
14 Georgia
15 Greece, Israel, Lithuania
16 Hungary
17 Malta, Romania
18 Finland, Montenegro
20 Sweden
21 Iceland, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom
22 Belgium, Denmark, Macedonia, Germany, 
Ireland, Norway, Slovenia
23 France
24 Austria, Switzerland

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