Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Update 2: Also Johannes himself have come up with this: 
“The Danish article about Emma Marrone is writing words in a way that i have not put them. I have not called Emma hysterical nor have a stated, that she did not say a word to me during the ESC 2014. She did not cry dramatically after the show!!!! I had a chat with the Italian team about the the whole run and after that everything was fine. Emma did great in the show and deserved a better final result!
Update: Simon Nøiers, Jesper Paasch and Morten Daugaard have come up with this statement proving Emma is not the diva here but apparently someone else: "We were all thrilled with being a part of the Italian contribution to the ESC 2014. We had fun and did our best with Emma on stage on the 10th. The delegation members were helpful, tis old us what they wanted on stage, and always made sure we had snacks in the dressing room where we could all hang out in the long breaks. We even took naps together in the dressing room. Emma a great artist with a really great and powerful voice and we would be on stage with her anytime."

Italy made the top-10 every years since their return to Eurovision (2nd, 9th, 7th) but Emma Marrone placed distant 21st. Very unfairly I would like to add. Now her backing group, made of four local guys Simon Nøiers, Morten Daugaard, Jesper Paasch and Johannes Nymark are also splling some dirt on the experience without an happy end. Nymark is telling the press Emma never said a word to them during the week they were working together and denied the access to their joint dressing room after the disappointing final and vote counting. Instead hysterical Emma was crying inside creating a lot of drama.... In conclusion he recalls the whole experience "weird" and did not understand Emma's primadonna attitude and being long faced when the journalists were not interested in her.... no matter how big a star she is back home.
Emma has also received a lot of critic at home front from her usual haters and some fans, calling her performance kitch and tasteless, and vocally disappointing. Also her English has been heavily critizied like if it was the most important thing (or being "fucking tired".... Check it out here. ). And there's of course the Undies-gate..... It didn't just go so well for Italy this time! Such a shame. And for the record, I do like it, I like the idea of presentation and I don't think Emma is here the drama queen but ... well, you make the count! :-)
Italy received only 12 from Malta, 10 from Albania, 6 from Montengero, 2 from Macedonia and Switzerland and 1 point from France. 
What do you think? Should Italy have done better? Watch her performance again here .
(I don't know if Nymark is one of the guys in the photo, but they are two of them backstage. And they didn't speak one word of Italian that stupid me tried to speak with them first, lol. They did spent a lot of time outside the dressing rooms though.....)

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