Thursday, May 29, 2014


Life in the Disney's Duck universe centres on the city of Duckburg in the fictional U.S. state of Calisota. Sometimes characters visit the real world and/or meet historical figures. Sometimes characters from the real world go and visit Ducksburg instead. Now the appearance of Conchita Duck has caused a huge row in some circles, forcing the German creators of the character at Ehapa-Verlag to promise she will remain a marketing gag and will not be featured in any of the official Disney comic strips - even if the comic is apparently already drawn up and ready to be published shortly, as announced by the Austrian tv earlier. How can a beard be so judged in this world today, this blogger wonders.... Mind you, it's not the first time Eurovision artists are appearing in the Disney comics; in Sweden likes of Loreen, Carola, Charlotte Perrelli & co were featured a couple of years ago, Lordi has been in the pages of the Finnish comic (only mentioned, not featured sadly) and for example in Italy this spring a special was made for Sanremo festival as well. No one complained, on the contrary. Those issues have become collectables that will be worth of something in the future. What's the big deal? Does the beard make all the difference?
Angry cartoon fans are saying Walt Disney must be turning in his grave (and he was no saint himself, don't forget that) and someone even suggests that "yet another childhood memory ruined forever". What? You must have had a sad childhood, sorry. 
It's worth though remembering the carefully manyfactured image Walt Disney company has created, well documented in this article by AWN: 

"No other Hollywood studio has the well manucured repuration that 
Disney spent years cultivating. As a result when other companies create cntroversial product, nobody seems to care. When Disney does something slightly irreverent, 
conservative family oriented pressure groupd can and will protest. 
The problem is Disney has carefully created an image that is hard to live up to all the time. 
When Disney doesn't live up to its image and press becomes aware 
there is a problem, it is news."

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