Monday, May 12, 2014


Conchita Wurst was born on Columbian mountains but grew up in Germany, says Tom Neuwirth (25). There were petitions against her, protests and nasty comments - even from high class Russian politicans like Dmitry Rogozin, vice prime minister or nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky who said Sovjet Union made a mistake 50 years ago by leaving Austria, they don't have anymore "he" and "she" but only "it" - but the people had the power and she emerged the winner. 
In a way it is history repeating itself: remember the protests against Dana International in 1998 and Lordi in 2006 in homesoil? Then after everybody loves the winner of course. 
Tom comes from Bad Mitterndorf, a village of 3000 souls. No wonder he didn't fit in. He has treid his luck in a couple of reality talent shows, coming second in the Die große Chance 2011, and the year later second in the Austrian national final for the Eurovision with That's what I am.
He has also done other realitys like working in a fish factory and living in a Namibian village. Tom says Conchita is only his drag artist personality, he's not a transsexual or aiming to be one. He's just a lazy young gay man in private and comfortable and happy with his body. Conchita is only for fun. Two hearts beat in his heart and he's a she when in drag and obviously uses  ladies toilet when Conchita. The surname Wurst (sausage) was given to him by his Cuban friends - the only obvious choice from German language. 
Austria's win  was heavily helped with the western countries and from the east Georgia and Ukraine joined the west rather than the east in the voting putting her in the top-3. The only oddity is the Sammarinese jury, if there had been televote she would have scored there for sure, too.

12 points:
Belgium, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, 
Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom
10 points:
France, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Norway
8 points:
Denmark, Romania, Ukraine
7 points:
Germany, Moldova
6 points:
5 points:
Albania, Russia
4 points:
3 points:
2 points:
1 points:
0 points:
Armenia, Belarus, Poland, San Marino

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