Monday, May 12, 2014


"This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom...
We are unity and we are unstoppable. 
I really dream of a world where we don't have to talk about
 unnecessary things 
like sexuality, where you're from, who you love."

Austria won the Eurovision song contest 2014 and deserved it. Conchita Wurst deserved it. This blogger was afraid the Eastern Europe's lacking votes could stop her from doing it, but in the end Conchita conquered even them: from Georgia 10  points, from Ukraine 8 points, from Russia 5 points, and from Azerbaijan 1 point. Belarusian televoters placed her 4th, jury 24th = no points. Altogether 13 top marks, seven times 10 points and three times 8 points - that's 23 top-3 placements out of 36! Only Armenia, Belarus, Poland and San Marino didn't give her any. This is Austria's second win and first in 48 years!
The Netherlands also scored their best result in 39 years coming second, and Sweden scored yet another third place. All well deserved though. The biggest pre-contest favorite Armenia managed fourth, another favorite Hungary 5th, their second best placing ever after the 1994 debut. Ukraine beats Russia in the end. Russia gave Ukraine 7 points, Ukraine 4 to Russia.
It's also quite remarkable all the Nordic countries are in Top-15 when Norway (another favorite) is 8th, followed by host country Denmark 9th and Finland, 11th and the best placing after Lordi's win in 2006 and Anneli Saaristo's 7th place in 1989! Iceland completes the picture with 15th place. 
Big losers Italy 21st, their worst ever, United Kingdom, one of the favorites only 17th but still better than of the past two years. Also Greece scored their worst since 1998, 20th, which is a surprise as it was given one of the favorites for a surprise win, too. Azerbaijan at 22nd can't make you but wonder and smile.... France did even worse than expected, last. For the first time ever.
San Marino made histroy by qualifying for the very first time. In the end it stopped 24th place with 4 points from Hungary, 3 from Albania, Armenia and Azerbaijan and one from Moldova. Another first timer Montenegro reached 19th. 
Oh, this was a good year indeed. I will dig in deeper to the songs and singers in the coming days so stay tuned. Everything is so different when you are there among them instead of watching only in Arena or at home.

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