Thursday, May 15, 2014


Let's have a break down of the voting for Finland. Finland reached 11th place out of 37 so it can be considered the second best placing ever for Finland in the Eurovision song contest as Softengine left 26 countries behind them in the ranking. Finland was especially favored by the juries as you can see below - seven countries put it in the top-3, while in the televoting only seven countries had it in their top-10. Montenegro and Moldova really didn't like Finland and Something better. On the other hand first places in Italy and Hungary something awesome! Well done, guys!

Finland's ranking in the combined voting:

04 Norway (7 points)
05 Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom (6 points)
06 Iceland (5 points)
07 Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark (4 points)
08 Belgium, Latvia, Poland, San Marino (3 points)
09 Netherlands (2 points)
12 France, Greece, Israel
13 Ireland
14 Lithuania
16 Belarus, Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
17 Albania
19 Slovenia
20 Azerbaijan, Malta, Spain
21 Armenia, Georgia
23 Moldova
25 Montenegro

Finland in the jury voting (Georgia's jury vote was disqualified):

01 Italy
02 Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom
03 Germany, Poland, Norway
04 Belgium
06 Latvia, Sweden
07 Denmark, France, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania
08 Israel, San Marino, Netherlands
09 Estonia
11 Macedonia 
12 Romania, Ukraine
14 Hungary, Russia
15 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Slovenia
16 Spain
17 Albania, Portugal
19 Belarus
21 Montenegro
23 Malta, Moldova

Finland in the televoting (Albania and San Marino didn't have televote):

01 Hungary
04 Estonia
05 Sweden
07 Norway
08 Denmark, Iceland
10 Ireland
11 United Kingdom
12 Germany, Italy, Latvia
13 Belarus, Netherlands
14 Belgium, Malta
15 Portugal, Switzerland
16 Austria, Greece, Poland, Russia
18 France, Israel, Romania, Slovenia
20 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Lithuania, Spain, Ukraine
21 Georgia
22 Moldova
24 Montenegro

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