Saturday, May 03, 2014


Valentina Monetta had her second semifinal today. Luckily this time it wasn't in the dawn but nicely in the afternoon. A part of the team arrived ahead of the rest of the delegations having a car load full of goodies for fans and press. 
The three run throughs of Maybe went well without major hickups and generally everyone was happy afterwards, despite one very important person missing from the rehearsal. Valentina once again showed what a secure vocalist she is in each and every run through. Then it was to the viewing room, further minor changes.
Btw do you know why there are now such strickt rules for the sizes of flags and banners? Look at the photo above and do the math :-)
As usual press conference with Valentina and her backing singers, HoD Alessandro Capicchioni, lyricist Mauro Balestri and art director Fabrizio Raggi attending. Ralph Siegel was sadly missing as he was not feeling well and wanted to rest before tomorrow night's tributo to him in the Euro Fan Cafe.

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