Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Finally it happened! San Marino did qualify to the Eurovision song contest final with Valentina Monetta and Maybe. It's a historic event in many ways.
We all know this is a third year in a row for Valentina, something only three other artists have done so far in the 59 years of Eurovision, and no one in the past four decades.
Ralph Siegel is having his 19th final song in the Eurovision final.
Since the introduction of the semifinals in 2004, no microstate has ever qualified for the final!
And all this after fans have pretty much snobbed Maybe in their polls - yesterday before the semifinal 15th out of  16 in the press center voting for example. Although, once the results were out the Sammarinese delegation has been showered with congratulations from everybody and if there was a country that got a thundering applause in the Press conference, it was San Marino.
The San Marino delegation would like to thank Mariya Yaremchuk again for her kind words about not being sure if she's happier for her final place or for San Marino's. Go Ukraine! Congratulations also to Montenegro that did qualify for the first time ever.
The evening endd in the EuroClub until it was closed. Now it's time to start prepairing for the final... Anyone knows what it means?
Oh, also Armenia, Montenegro, Iceland, Hungary, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Sweden and Netherlands qualified. Good luck to all of them!

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