Thursday, May 29, 2014


The Dutch Eurovision entry Calm after the storm is proving all but what the name suggests. First it scored an amazing 2nd place in the Eurovision 2014 against all odds and right after stormed the charts all over the world doing even better than the winner Rise like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst for Austria. Now, less than three weeks later the other half of the duo Waylon as left the duo. Or should I say the band? Anyways, in his statement in Facebook he says it was always Ilse DeLange's project. Instead of riding the success that may include touring the States and promo gigs all over Europe he will concentrate on his solo career and worthcoming album. Time will tell how wise that decision is - it seems fans haven't taken his decision so kindly..... 
Ilse Delange has already performed with Jake Etherigde replacing Waylon this week.... who looks like a younger and prettier version of Waylon really. So, will we miss Waylon?
Calm after the storm is still in iTunes charts in the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Taijikistan, Estonia, Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Ireland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Norway, United KIngdom, Malta and Hungary.

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Anonymous said...

YES, we will MISS Waylon, without him the magic is gone, the song is dead! The song was a success because of the two of them, he is NOT replaceable!


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