Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Eurovision song contest 2016 kicked off yesterday with the first rehearsals and you can read country by country information by scrolling down this blog. But if you are not accredited, how to meet & greet and see the artists in town? Eurovision village of course! Then there's also EuroClub and Eurovision Fan cafe for those with accreditation to catch up with them.... Let's have a look.... (It's worth remembereing this programme tends to live a life of its own with changes, last minute cancellations and additions.....)

Cyprus - Minus One (Thursday May 5, 16-16.30 Euro Fan Cafe)
Switzerland - Rykka  (Thursday May 5, 17.30-18 Euro Fan Cafe)
Iceland - Greta Salome (Thursday May 5, 19-19.30 Euro Fan afe)
Switzerland - Rykka (Friday May 6, 18-18.15 Eurovision Village)
Albania - Eneda Tarifa (Friday May 6, 18.15-18.30 Eurovision Village)
Finland - Sandhja (Friday May 6, 22-23.30 Nordic Night at EuroClub)
Sweden - Frans (Friday May 6, 22-23.30 Nordic Night at EuroClub)
Iceland - Greta Salome (Friday May 6, 22-23.30 Nordic Night at EuroClub)
Norway - Agnete (Friday May 6, 22-23.30 Nordic Night at EuroClub)
Denmark - Lighthouse X (Friday May 6, 22-23.30 Nordic Night at EuroClub)
Hungary - Freddie (Saturday May 7, 17.30-17.45 Eurovision Village)
Montenegro - Highway (Saturday May 7, 17.45-18 Eurovision Village)
Cyprus - Minus One (Saturday May 7, 18.45-19 Eurovision Village)
Delegations on stage at Euroclub from 23- (Saturday May 7)
Delegations on stage at Euroclub from 23- (Sunday May 8)
Albania - Eneda Tarifa (Monday May 9, 17-17.30 Euro Fan Cafe)
Israel Party (Monday May 9, 21.30-05 EuroClub)
Serbia - ZAA Sanja Vucic (Tuesday May 10, 17.30-17.40 Eurovision Village)
Australia  - Dami Im (Tuesday May 10, 17.45-18 Eurovision Village)
Belarus  - Ivan (Tuesday May 10, 18-18.10 Eurovision Village)
Georgia - Nika Kocharov and the Young Georgian Lolitaz (Tuesday May 10, 18.15-18.30 Eurovision Village)
United Kingdom - Joe & Jake (Tuesday May 10, 18.45-18.55 Eurovision Village)
Iceland - Greta Salome (Wednesday May 11, 17.45-17.55 Eurovision Village)
Spain - Barei (Wednesday May 11 18.00-18.15 Eurovision Village)
OGAE Party (Wednesday May 11, 00.00-01.00 EuroClub)
The Official After Party (Saturday May 14, 01-05 EuroClub)

As said, there will be a lot additions to the list in coming days and often things just happen, and artists jump on stage one after another without further notice. 
Besides this year's artists we have ABBA choir, Martin Stenmarck, Ylva & Linda, Velvet & Clamp, Ted Gärdestad's music, various DJs and websites hosting events, Helena Paparizou, flag ceremony and red carpet events, Linda Bengtzing, Magnus Carlsson, EuroZumba, Roberto Bellarosa, Wiktoria, DQ, Sanna Nielsen, Birthe Kjaer, Suzy..... Are you ready?

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