Monday, May 02, 2016


The last for the day, the most awaited one. The peformance is what we espected it to be: huge. LED screen and projections take the leading role and one can't but compare to last year's winner Måns Zelmerlöw and his performance. For Sergey the LED wall turns into climbing wall and in rehearsals he dropped down so all isn't yet working well.
He manages to climb the stairs after all and catch the falling star. Is star the trend of the year, anyone? A lot happens on the screen, maybe too much. Many things from his video. Dancers than join the projected dancers and all sort of things. Overall impression seems to be too much is too much and this isn't as impressive and great we were expecting. On the positive side, Sergey's vocals are perfect. And the live backing vocalists give a nice touch to the mix.  I leave my further judgement for later when I see it fully. 
In the Meet & Greet Sergey is the only act today having a translator as a safety net. And Philipp Kirkorov was there, too. What a sight! And it didn't take long him to take over the microphone and start some autopromotion.... and some praise for Sergey. 
Sergey himself says being a superstar at home where everyone expects him to win it puts more pressure on him but he tries not to think about it but it makes him only stronger as it makes him work harder and they are here all in the same line. And he thinks it's a strong year and many good songs. It's not up to him but to audience to decide the outcome.

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