Monday, May 02, 2016


Croatia. The wardrobe gimmick. Eurovision. What else could it be? Nina is wearing a very strange looking huge kimonowhatever in front of a backdrop that moves from the ocean to night sky or something. Did I say huge? Vocally I read mixed reviews, some saying she was spot on, some saying she was cold and insecure. On stage she has four backing singers, some of them real veterans with 8th and 5th participation. 
Nina seems happy with her rehearsal in Meet & Greet. She thinks they are doing pretty good job. The song stands for hope. Nina herslef is old soul and old fashioned girl who loves calligraphy in these times of smartphones and internet. (Hurray for that!) She doesn't get Instagram and Facebook but rather sends a letter. Now that's a reason to love her a bit more! And she's got two tattoos; a rose for granny and a cedar tree, dedicated to her late best friend. 
Croatia is back after two years, and every way of promotion is good for the country. Even Nina's hair....

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