Tuesday, May 03, 2016


And here comes my favorite girl this year, Austrian Zoe. Her video and national final performance was filled with color, 3D butterflies, flower and meadows and so is this one. Peach colored dress for her today, a rainbow created as magic by a wave of her hand, windmachine.... it's all there. And she is having Swedish backing singers hidden away, too. The main color has changed from pink to more orange it seems, the animation goes on slower and there's no threadmill to walk on during the performance. And all changes are welcomed as improvement. Way to go girl! 
There are also some mixed reviews, but then some people just don't like the song or her, so whatever she does is not good. For me it's top-5 material but then, who knows?
In the Meet & Greet of course we end up talking about Conchita Wurst, Zoe's great source of inspiration, among other things like dreams, the audiences, singing and performing. And working with his father (co-author of her entry) is "funny". They share the same love and passion for music, same ideas and they don't fight. A lot. And then it's time to sing acoustic Loin d'ici, the first one singing in Meet & Greet.  And then she explains why they dropped the threadmill affair. She wasn't so comfortable on it as she's no sporty girl. Nor a dancer for that matter. And she's still amazed how people who know her song and sing along, even if they don't know any French! Like in Tel Aviv in the Eurovision meeting, so far the most touching performance of her career.
And what about her and Vanessa Paradis? Check it out on the video at the bottom of this post.

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