Saturday, April 25, 2015


Loïc Nottet is one of the youngest and unexperinced artists this year. This 18-year-old came second in the The Voice Belgique last year and then in the fall was approached by RTBF if he would be interested in Eurovision. He didn't say yes immediately as he confesses he didn't quite know what Eurovision is! He documented himself and said yes, as it is an opportunity to make a huge show for the whole of Europe. Even if he is well aware his entry Rhythm inside isn't a typical Eurovision song he hasn't listened the other songs to avoid comparing himself to others and get stress for it. And how will his staging in Vienna be...?

His Eurovision performance will be minimalistic he says. Pure, clean and with robotic movements. There will be no dancers but backing singers as the song has rather complicated vocal arrangement and all must be performed live. His backing team will be from London. Here's a live performance. 
Loïc says his song is different, powerful, very clean in musical sounds with a message "we are all the same" inside, with blood and heart. Everyone is human, rich or poor, beautiful of ugly. The same, just different. He describes himself as a perfectionist, ambitious, loving challenges but not competitions. He just wants to sing. He dances, writes novels and poetry. Despite he likes writing he doesn't like reading. Staying a singer with career only in Belgium would be a defeat for him, he dreams of making it in France and maybe England, too. 
Rhythm inside was born when he was alone late at night in his room and started playing with some chords on piano and the melody came to him. Later he contacted Beverly Jo Scott that he knew from the Voice and asked her to write the lyrics for it on the theme he had in mind, equality. He says the song fits his style and he didn't want to bring to Eurovision something that didn't match with him. And yes, rapapabab means the heart beating....
This blogger has been on the edge with this song from the beginning. I do like it everytime I hear it; it's exciting, fresh, different, but have some concern how it will be live, but if he nails it this can go very far. I hope for a top-12 finish, but let's see. This is a bit like Rendez Vous, another Belgian treat in the Eurovision, that was way too different to do well back then. Times have changed, maybe televoters are more welcoming to this sound than juries were to Pas De Deux ages ago...?
Be you enemy or lover
We are put here to discover
The heart that beats within each other
We gonna rapppabab tonight

And here's a special message from Loïc, enjoy!

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