Thursday, April 16, 2015


France has been experimenting with different styles in Eurovision in the recent years but now it's back to the recipe that most often has been succesful: a proper classy French ballad by a strong female voice. Lisa Angell will bring her mature charm to Vienna with a song that has a meaning besides beautiful melody and lyrics. If there is any justice in the world France should do well this time. N'oubliez pas is written by Robert Goldman (brother of my hero Jean Jacques and writer of Je n'ai que mon ame) and it was first performed last November during the commemoration of The First World War but it does not only refer to this conflict in the world but all of them, including the recent attacks in Paris.
Lisa Vetrano (46) aka Angell is half Italian and still spends time with her family in Avellino, Italy. She started singing already as a kid and in her early teens she took part in local talent shows in southern France and started studying music in Conservatory of Nice but soon the call of performing in piano bars proved too much and she stopped studies. By 2001 she had her first Eurovision connection when meeting Didier Barbelivien who wrote Des années après for her. This collaboration didn't make her a star and she returned to south. By 2009 she was back and working in various variery tv shows with Dani Lary and Patrick Sébastien who produced her debut album Les Divines. Two years later she released her second album Des mots... with single Je saurai t'aimer, another Eurovision connection as it's a cover of Mélanie Cohl's cover of Céline Dion's cover of The Power of love....  Next Eurovision connection comes when she works with Natasha St-Pier in Les Chansons d'aboard on France3. Then yet another: she records L'Oiseau et l'enfant with Tony Carreira for his Nos fiançailles, France/Portugal album. Last year she had her Patricia Kaas moment when recording an album with songs from the 1930's-50's, Frou-Frou. And now she's at the real thing. With all this Eurovision in her life how could she not end up representing France?
For her doing Eurovision is a chance of a lifetime, Eurovision is an institution, a family affair. She's going there to win, of course and says inside her is a little girl that dreams bringing the trophy home and having it at display in her living room! How sweet it that? She seems like a wonderful personality and adorably normal, check her out here
I think this is a great song. Well sung and written and arranged. It may take a few listenings and open mind to appreciate it fully. In short: Not for typical today's Eurofan. Lisa needs to deliver on stage to make it work with the televoters but I am positive she can do that. A top-10 is possible if there is justice left. I live in hope..... She has also a new album ready to be released shortly.

Je me souviens du rire des enfants
La voix des hommes quand ils partaient au champ
Les fêtes des moissons
L’odeur dans les maisons
Les éclats d’amour et de joie

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