Monday, April 20, 2015

ESC 2015: MEET KNEZ / Ненад Кнежевић (MONTENEGRO)

Nenad Knežević or simply Knez was internally chosen to represent Montenegro in Vienna 2015 Eurovision. For the occasion he got Adio, written by Željko Joksimović, who needs no presentation. Knez has taken part in various local competitions in his early career and won Budva 2000 with Vjeruj. His latest hit is Donna. He did his first contest when he was six years old! After several experiences in bands he went solo in early 1990's. Since then his fame and music has spread all over ex-Yogoslavia. His most selling album is from 1997 but he has released 11 albums so far (including compilations) and a new one is coming this summer. Once again Balcan brings in the big guns!

The song is a typical Joksimović song following the footsteps of Lane moje (2nd/2004), Lejla (3rd/2006), Oro (6th/2008), Nije ljubav stvar (3rd/2012) but in my books it's only a good thing. I love his style and I rather listen a proper well written and arranged song with a melody over some computer generated upbeat by mediocre vocals with miniskirt anyday!  Knez has a good voice and sings well, the staging will be surely effective, simple and stylish judging the video. The world and Eurovision needs proper music with feeling and a story, and this is one. Another top placing for Zeljko, and Montenegro will surely get to the final again, after last year's historic first time with Sergej Ćetković. 

Još te ne dam maglama sa planina
Još te ne dam vodama iz dubina
A ti kažeš pusti me, živ mi bio
Zaboravu predaj me, sad adio

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