Tuesday, April 28, 2015


The youngest duo for the tiniest country, Sammarinese teenagers Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola have been building bridges for a more peaceful world with their chain of lights in Moscow's pre-Eurovision party. Anita said in Moscow: "Our message is peace. Together we can build a chain of light, with our smartphones and with our hearts and make the world a better place."  If you are going to Vienna, be sure to light up your phone and join in. (Better than booing as a protest, isn't it?)
Watch their performance here giving us a glimpse of their chemistry on stage.
The youngsters message of peace may sound a bit lame at first but it's more current than ever in the world we live in, even in Europe - just think about Ukraine and the radarless airplanes flying around Baltic Sea area violating other nation's territories for example, as well as submarines like the one caught near Stockholm last October, and yesterday just infront of Helsinki. A little peace was the thing back in 1982. In 2015 we still need just that.
Why all of sudden this makes me think of the chain of hands the people of Baltic states made back in August 1989 joining over two million people from Estonia via Latvia to Lithuania. Rest is history.

No, I don’t wanna dream forever
of a time when peace was more than just a simple word
I wanna find a better way of living and connect my tears and fears with friends 
understanding and forgiving. Must give this world a final chance
I can feel life is changin’ times are rearrangin’ in so many, many ways
let us try to make the world a better place
So light up the candles let’s illuminate the night
just light up the candles let them shine on deep inside
Build a chain of light for you and a chain of light for me
and believe that we can change reality
We’ve only got one life so let’s try to make our dreams survive
maybe we’ll find out that many people feel the same – oh yeah
One’s a lonely number – but together, we can make a million candles shine forever
Let us build a chain of hearts in a world that‘s blue and dark
So light up the candles let’s illuminate the night
an’ together hand in hand we will feel the love inside
build a chain of love for you and a chain of love for me
we will let our vision change reality
If we all light a candle we could build a chain of light
if we all walk together we will feel the love inside
it’s a chain of hearts for you and a chain of hearts for me
we can build a peaceful world – let’s do it right standing side by side
it’s a chain of love for you and a chain of love for me 
let’s create a world that’s human fair and bright
In Moscow they were joined by Israel's Nadav Guedj, Azerbaijan's Elnur Huseynov, Montenegro's Knez, Macedonia's Daniel Kajmakoski, UK's Electro Velvet, Iceland's Maria Olafs, Malta's Amber, Australia's Guy Sebastian and Uzari & Maimuna from Belarus. Many former Eurovision acts joined in with the fun among others, check out the recap here
The Moscow pre-Eurovision Party has become one of the main events with Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam and London Eurovision Party. This year also Riga hosted one. At least something good happens in Moscow..... 

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