Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The second season of Tähdet, tähdet has been again a success, and no doubt thanks to some Eurovision singers: Krista Siegfrids, Laura Voutilainen, Jarkko Ahola (Teräsbetoni) have done it all the way to the almost end, while Markku Aro was voted out after his country performance. More Eurovision is added when Mira Luoti (PMMP) was eliminated to the sounds of Lapponia, and multiple national finalist Arja Koriseva made it to sixth episode. On top of that UMK host Roope Salminen is in top-4.... As is Laura Voutilainen.
But as said, surprisingly and unfairly Krista Siegfrids dropped out last Sunday. She has been a real transformer and managed all genres wonderfully showing she can also sing and is a real performer and it's time to forget ding dong and see what she is all about: a true artist. Now that's she's out I'm all for Laura Voutilainen.... She's in top-4 with Jarkko Ahola, Roope Salminen and opera hunk Waltteri Torikka.
Let's have a look at Krista's journey in this year's edition  The first episode was dedicated to the 1990's music. Krista did Boom, boom! A good but not outstanding start. Next was punk. Her Pretty fly for a white guy was smashing. Next theme Made in Finland and she did something she never does: sung in Finnish. Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen is a classic and she made it great. A new serious side of herself, in Finnish. By now she had emerged as one of the front runners in this edition. Next country and another jackpot; her Take me home country roads was excellent and fit her voice perfectly. The most feared episode followed: Opera! Una donna a quindici anni for her and she made a decent job with that, too, against all odds! After opera heavyrock and she ruled again, clearly being on more solid ground. Pour some sugar on me was like made for her. The7th and crucial episode; Motown soul. She did Diana Ross classic I'm coming out. Something was missing maybe as she was voted out. The diva effect? Was it just too sweet and smiley? She hasn't been even close to elimination before so it was quite a shock to everyone, including herself: "Of course I'm a bit shocked. But I have been in this kind of programmes before and know anything can happen. I have enjoyed doing this programme enourmously, it has been so much fun! This stage, the costumes, these people, loved it!" Sadly we won't see and hear her doing some Finn rap this week.... 
(Last year the winner was Jari Sillanpää beating Diandra in the final, how could we ever forget his Sunny or Gangnam style?).

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