Friday, April 24, 2015


Il Volo was in a live chat with TVSorrisi e Canzoni, the biggest entertainment magazine in Italy and here below in short are the main things. They talk about Sanremo, Eurovision, their travels, future plans, new album, Woody Allen and a lot more. And yes, they promise to do all they can to bring Eurovision back to Italy! Dressed smart in Armani!

”Our live has changed after Sanremo. Before we had two parallel lives; the somewhat stressful life abroad, always travelling, interviews and all that while in Italy we could have holiday. No one bothered us, no paparazzis after us and we could just lead our normal lives. Now that has changed. But it's stressful only to a certain limit because it's what we love to do; concerts and our fans are always a pleasure. But things have changed also in Italy, there are fans waiting for us wherever we go. A bit like in Mexico. It's great to be known in your own country, this is the reason we went to Sanremo in the first place!”
Next in their agenda is Eurovision in Vienna, how are they prepairing: ”To bed early every night. Gym. Eating healthy.... no, not really! We will sing Grande amore, we know the song so we don't have to learn that anymore... or maybe we do. In Madrid we forgot the lyrics!” They will be wearing Armani in Vienna and they promise to do all they can to bring Eurovision back to Italy!
The guys have been recently in Abu Dhabi, Madrid, Panama and New York, where they met Woody Allen. And of course they sung to him as well in a restaurant. Where there is a piano, the guys sing as they out it. Besides Woody is a big fan of Italy and did join them for a mini concert singing songs like Arrivederci Roma....
Their summer after Eurovision will be dedicated to Italy; the tour that started with eight dates has already become 23 dates and tickets are selling fast and new dates are being added still. Before that they will go to studio in Bologna and Miami to record new songs for the worthcoming album that will be released in autumn. But before that, on May 15 a new version of their Sanremo grande amore album will be released including also a DVD and a lot of bonus material.
They say winning Sanremo hasn't been the biggest victory but the success in the charts, and their fans. All the bad press pre-Sanremo is forgotten and they have proven themselves.
They talk, joke, sing, Gianluca imitates Eros Ramazzotti, Tiziano Ferro, they talk about their families, football and other very Italian things. They dream of winning a Grammy, any kind of Grammy, Latin or American. The whole chat is here (in Italian, of course)

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