Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Finland has its parliament elections last Sunday and Jaana Pelkonen, the fabulous hostess of Helsinki 2007 Eurovision contest with Mikko Leppilampi, as well as multiple national final hostess and commentator, including the legendary commentary of the voting when Lordi won, emerged as the most voted female candidate nationwide getting 15.954 votes in Helsinki electoral district. That made her not only as the most voted female but number five in overall nationwide after the new premier Juha Sipilä, party leader Timo Soini who took Finns Party as the second biggest in the new parliament, ex-premier Alexander Stubb and ex-minister of defence Carl Haglund. This result means most likely she will be appointed a minister! (If her national Coalition party enters the government that is, being now the third biggest party and could possibly choose to step back.) 
She entered the parliament four years ago for the first time. She has been campaigning for the equal marriage low (now approved) and alcohol politics and taxing.  Congratulation Jaana! 

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