Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Finland sent monsters back in 2006 and won, Norway sings about monsters and is one of the favorites, mainly thanks to a very fabulously memorable Ibsen inspired video for A monster like me.. Can they win? All depends if they can create that magical atmosphere on stage, too.  Kjetil Mørland and Debrah Scarlett created the duo for this song and ended up in Vienna and have not worked together before. Both have though a lot of experience on their own. Both have also recently moved back to Norway after having been living and working abroad, so this is particular act in many ways.
Kjetil Mørland (30) has been living in the UK for the most of his adult life. He had a band Absent Elk that toured with some big names in the late 2000's. At the moment he's working on his first solo album, and this dark ballad is the first offering from it.
Debrah Scarlett (22) was born in Norway but raised in Switzerland being half Swiss. Two years ago she took part in The Voice of Norway and later moved back to Norway to build her career there despite performing regularly in both countries. 
I have been having a little trouble digesting this. I would like to like it much more than I actually do. Or do I? I'm not sure. I do like it and the tension in the video is palpable. But... is it enough? If they nail it live and the staging gets it all right and Scarlett keeps control - something that wasn't so good in the Norwegian final for example, nor in the Eurovision in concert - this can go very far. Otherwise it could be a shocker non qualifier.... all this said, it is a fabulous song. It is. I may have to relisten it once more.... A song that awakes emotions in you.... it's always a good sign, isn't it?
Honey, I'm telling the truth 
I did something terrible in my early youth 
My mind went blank, I lost control 
I was just a little boy, I did not know 
I better let you go... 

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