Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Who were the first Italian artists ever to be signed directly to an American label? Yes, Il Volo. Since then they have performed on the biggest and most important stages and shows in the world, with Barbra Streisand, Placido Domingo and Eros Ramazzotti just to name a few, topped Billboard charts, gathered Latin Grammy nominations and made it big in Americas. In Europe, and Italy it has been quieter. Until this year when they took Sanremo by storm and will now take Grande amore to Vienna. One of the biggest favorites to win, with over 20 milion Youtube views already, selling multiplatinum at home and for a change, a real eagerness to win it for Italy, and even RAI seems to ok with it this time. Are we off to Turin next year? For sure they will give us a full dose of something 100% Italian; melodic opera pop directly out of traditional Italian song book. A fact that bothers some Italian fans labelling it dated and kitchy. I say it's perfection.
It all started six years ago in the very same Teatro Ariston in Sanremo when Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble (aged between 14-16) separately took part in a talent show in Raiuno, Ti lascio una canzone (the very same that launched Michele Perniola, Gaia Gauchi and Vincenzo Cantiello btw). Andrea Bocelli's manager saw them, got the idea and soon enough he had signed them for American record label. A historic first for any Italian artist. The name changed from I Tre tenorini to The Tryo and finally Il Volo. Soon they were all over American television; performing at American Idol, The Tonight Show, Good morning America, visiting Ellen DeGeneres singing their cover of O sole mio, a Billboard Class #1 hit. Soon their success took over Latin America, they were nominated and performed at Latin Grammys... Singapore, Detroit, Barbra Streisand followed. In 2012 their Luna nascosta was considered an Oscar nomination for the best song but failed but it was soon forgotten when they headlined the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting and right after performed in the Nobel Peace prize concert in Oslo. In 2013 they debuted at #1 in the Billboard Latin albums with Más que amor and they perform in Emmy Awards. Their Christmas album also debuts at #1 in Billboard Holiday albums..... and the success continued.
By the end of 2014 they are back to Italy and concentrate on conquering it back. Before Christmas they performed in the Italian Senate and when their name came out in the list of the names for Sanremo 2015 most everyone was sure they will win it. And they did. And they didn't think half a second to answer Yes! for Eurovision as they see it an opportunity to relaunch in Europe befofe they go on tour later this year. They also released an EP Sanremo grande amore, incuding their entry and six covers from Sanremo's history. Some speculated they may well win the contest but won't sell. All this has been proved wrong; both the single and the EP have topped the charts, sold multiplatinum and outsold easily every other artists this year. They are also working on a new album with new songs to be released later this year. Their new single after Grande amore is Canzone per te
This blogger fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. I did know Il Volo beforehand (love We are love), and even if I'm not big on covers I liked their stuff. They have great voices that blend together in a magical way. Also I was pretty sure they would win Eurovision with it if they first win Sanremo, that seemed harder at that point, and get to Vienna. I still want to stay with this opinion. My ultimate favorite this year. By far. Let's see how it goes.....

Dimmi perché quando penso, penso solo a te
Dimmi perché quando vedo, vedo solo te
Dimmi perché quando credo, credo solo in te grande amore

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