Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Swedish online store has been featuring various celebrities in their advertising in their My life, my story campaigns. If you want to dress up like Loreen, have a look here
She tells that even if she was born in Sweden her Moroccan berber roots mean a lot to her. It's also being close to the nature and has influenced her music, too. She uses and plays a lot with sounds, many of them coming from the nature. She feels also a bit nomad; she lives in Stockholm but spends a lot of time in Paris and London, and plans moving to New York soon.  
What about her fashion sense? She says she's into hats, masculine jackets and blaisers. Her fashion icon would be early Grace Jones. Her Ellos collection if confortable yet classy with a touch of ethnic.
Her new album is finally ready and will be released later this year. The first single off it is Paper light

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