Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Self described Eurovision zombies Marjetka and Aleš have taken Europe by storm with their entry Here for you, a modern indie-pop song with interesting voice. They are a married couple with two little kids, their careers and work. Keeping it all together surely must be a bit tiring. A married couple yes, but by no means a Slovenian answer to Albano & Romina Power. Their trademark headphones set them a part and create a memorable gimmick. They are no stranger to Eurovision either, especially Aleš, who was co-writer of the last year's entry and also on stage with Tinkara Kovač in Round and round. (Recently Tinkara performed Here for you with them). They also tried their luck with Eurovision back in 2008 as Turbo Angels in the Slovenian national final. Zabava finished sixth and the band fell apart the year after. They created Maraaya last year and already scored an international hit with their debut Lovin' me. Did you know Maraaya is not only a combination of their names but pronounces/translates as "she has Raay" in Slovenian? :-)

Aleš Vovk aka Raay is a succesful producer for many Slovenian artists and has written coutless hits. He is involved in  Tina Maze's hit My way is my decision as well as last year's Slovenian Junior Eurovision entry Nisi sam among others so he'd doing a triple: ESC14. JESC14, ESC15.
Marjetka (Jurkovnik) graduated from Ljubljana Academy of Music and now teaches vocalists. She started as a studio session singer that gave her a chance to experiment with different music styles and helped her to create her own soulful style. Together they have musical workshops. She tells the thing with the headphones is not only visual: after she puts on her in-ear and the big headphones she enters her own little musical world of feelings and pure emotion that she then hopes to transmit to the listeners. It also helps her to stay calm and focused. They also confess not being huge Eurovision fans but respect the opportunity it gives and it's a kind of experience they want to tell to their grandchildren one day.....
Their entry Here for you is written by them with American Charlie Mason who has already last year's winner Rise like a Phoenix and Italy's 2012 entry L'amore è femmina (Out of love) under his belt. He also wrote the English lyrics to Serbian entry Beauty never lies.

When you're down down low
And there's no place you can go...
When you're down down low
You know that I am here for you...
You came into my life when I was broken
You heated up my heart when it was frozen
And we got the flow
Now it's up we go

This blogger thinks this year Slovenia will score its best result ever so far. This might just be a bit too modern to win it, but a Top-5 seems more than likely. Is it runner-up rather than 5th place, remains to be seen. They could be this year's The Common Linnets, moving from runner up to international charts and stages....

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