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Remember Johnny Blue, the blind singer Lena Valaitis sung back in 1981? He lives on in a musical staged in Czech Republic based on the music and songs by Ralph Siegel. The musical, written and directed by Stanislav Moša and arranged by Karel Cón, features countless Eurovision entries by Siegel from Dschingish Khan and Theater to more recent Crisalide and Maybe. This is in the German speaking world what Mamma mia! is for Scandinavian – soundtrack of the life of those who grew up in the 1970s-1980s. The world premiere took place in Brno, Czech Republic on March 28, 2015 with many familiar artists attending the event: Katja Ebstein, Dorkas of MeKaDo fame, Valentina Monetta and Penny Mc Lean just to name a few. "For me it's a real priviledge that people still sing my songs, which I started to write 50 years ago. It's quite a long time ago but I still enjoy writing! It was a wonderful evening. It was my dream to see and hear what we have done. I love Eurovision for 200 million people, but I love more when you all are so close and all is live!" commented Siegel in the after party.*
In short the musical tells a story of a blind poor street musician who is in love with a certain Marie. But Satan wants his soul! Johnny has a childhood friend Fred who is a bit of a swine. He offers to become his manager as he sees a chance to exploit his talent and make some money. Marie, the good girl doesn't like Fred, who indeed has Satan behind him. Johnny hits success with Fred and Satan, and wins the World's Best Song contest in Moscow (with rearranged Maybe that sounds pretty amazing!). Meanwhile Fred has isolated Marie from Johnny and even tried to make a pass at her, but she ignored him and tries to reconnect with her loved Johnny. Satan promises Fred a lot of money if he leaves Johnny to her. They make a deal and Satan promises Johnny his sight in return for his soul. With his newfound sight Johnny loses the inner sight of what's important and just parties on. He has become a huge star after this miracle. But Marie is not giving up and in turn makes a deal with Satan to get Johnny back, if only.... How this all ends, you simply have to see the musical when it comes to a city near you!
Theater, Johnny Blue, Crisalide, Peter Pan, Die Glocken von Rom, Moskau, Maybe, Wir geben'ne Party, Ich hab Angst, Dschingis Khan, Rom, Ein bisschen Frieden, Blue Jeans Kinder, Lass die Sonne in Dein Herz … are just some of the classics heard in the musical. Have a listen here
And Ralph Siegel is far from done with Eurovision. This year again his song will be representing San Marino when Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola belt out his Chain of lights hoping to make it to the final again. That would he his number 20 final song out of 24.
 *Here is Ralph's lovely speech in the after party where he talks about his career, friendship, music and a lot more.... 

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