Friday, May 08, 2015


Loïc Nottet and his entourage has been keeping quiet how his performance will be and look like in Vienna. A few days ago he performed in the Boice of Belgique and gave us a little glimpse. Or did he? “My act on The Voice Belgique was inspired on what I will do on the Eurovision Song Contest but my performance in Vienna will also be very different. I am going to keep it simple but modern with new technologies. It’s going to be something new for Eurovision,” tells Loïc, “I will only have support from 5 backing vocals. ‘Rhythm Inside’ is a really complicated song and I need a lot of voices to back me up. The main rule on the contest is that all the vocals in the song should be sang live. Another rule is that only 6 people are allowed on stage,” Nottet explains. 
Also Loïc’s look remains a big mystery. Loïc can only reveal that he will be dressed by the Belgian fashion label ‘Les Hommes’ on the red carpet in Vienna. His suit will be mainly black with an edge, but yet very refreshing. Loïc will arrive the 10th of May in Vienna to prepare himself for his biggest challenge.
This blogger can only say I can't wait to see it. This song's has been a real grower on me and his the Voice performance was pretty awesome. Check it out here!
Oh wait, a dance version is coming, too.... 

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