Friday, May 15, 2015


The big question today was if Trijntje would be wearing The Dress. No she didn't. Instead a much sober black numer that highlights her assets the same way though. On top of that a tight black leather jacket, and she even tried the same win red. The backing singers are wearing rather comic outfits, each with a differet letter in their back forming L-O-V-E. Apparently she's also having "love" prjected into her hand. Oh, and the veil is there, too. A lot of steady cam close ups while the backdrop features the couple in sihouettes in different colors later on after being mainly white for a good part of the song. And yes, The Dress is supposed to make a comeback for the semifinal even if this more casula look looks better with this not so glamourous song, me thinks. I have to say I'm still not convinced and wonder if televoters will go for this. Shame, she's got a good voice but the song's a bit lame.

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