Thursday, May 14, 2015


Israel kicked off the fourth day of rehearsals, and the last one for the semifinalists for their first technical one. Apparently there were quite a few problems with the first run through but all seems to be sorted out for the next ones and most everyone seems to be happy, even the press center. Nadav has two backing singers and three backing dancers and the whole is very energetic and very colorful and surely will get the audience go wild in arena. Fireworks complete the explosion of energy. He's wearing the already familiar outfir with white shirt and black suit, and has golden shoes with wings!
At one point they stop and take a selfie - I thought selfies are out and belfies are in but what do I know? After several unfair failures, Israel MUST qualify this year, they deserve it more than ever... or at least a very long time!
Israel seems to be having all male team and is already proven rather popular among the fans. I wonder why....ay-ay-ay.

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