Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Montenegro - Vanja Radovanović - Inje
Questionable fashion sense for Vanja in his strangely cut blue jacket, while his four backings and one in piano are in white performing a Balcan ballad by the book. Add some choreography that seems out of place. =r very 2004. Maybe a hit at home but has European viewers already moved on if even this blogger, lover of big Balcan ballads, can't connect to this one? It seems this passed rather unnoticed in the press center, except for his trousers? Actually all attention turned into his unfortunate ill fitting outfit rather than the song or staging....

"Dated", "Emotional", "Styling and song don't meet", "Sounds perfct", "Time stood still", "Lacks charisma", "Simplicity and charm"

Slovenia - Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne!
Slovenia seems to be trying the already old trick by faking a backing track break down and asks where's the music and asking people to sing along (Barei, hello? Douwe Bob, slow down). Lea has four dancers in sparkling silveer outfits and belts out the last hvala ne in Portuguese, Obrigada, Não! The camera angles work and again this is an adaption from the national final performance, just bigger and better. Very divided opinions on that stop, is it great or doesn it ruin the flow? It even lasts about 20 seconds. Hmm... Either a disaster in sight or a real triumph. 

"Slick dance choreograhy", "Positive surprise", "Flawless vocals", "Sassy", "Attitude", "Extraordinary", "Powerful"

Ukraine - Mélovin - Under the ladder
Konstantin Tomilchenko, Eurovision winning stager (Jamala) has created this affair with flaming piano and all with Mélovin. He seems to awake inside his piano like a vampire and in the end returns there while the whole thing is in flames. It is noted the staging is a potential danger for him should something go wrong. #Draamaa. This doesn't hurt his vocals though. He's got four backing singers. 

"Dracula-esque", "Endless source for memes", "Confident"

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