Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Moldova - DoReDos - My lucky day
The three DoReDos are doubled by three dancers in a performance we already know and have reworked it greatly into a box. Funny and clever, and after last year's Moldovan surprise finish we might be better prepaired for this one finishing on the left side of the scoreboard after all. Songwise it doesn't deserve it but as a performance yes. The press center was apparently really captured by this one as will be the televoters forgetting about the song....

"Playful" , #Brilliant", "Incredibly entertaining", "Hilarious", "Cheeky", "Creative"

The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw in 'em
Waylon is full of rock credibilty in his leopard jacket on top of his podium and has musicians that turn into dancers by his side as an unexpected surprise. He delivers vocally as one can only expect from someone who just today let the world know there's a new outlaw coming to the world and making him a dad. Seems like this one's dividing opinions a bit. Country rock meets breakdance? Hmmm... The majority isn't convinced yet and work to be done. Oh, and now some are making an issue all his dancers are black? Where is this world coming to...?

"Weird", "Esaggerated gesures", "Dancing zombies", "Random", "Coolness", "Odd", 
"Poor staging kills the country vibe"

Australia - Jessica Mauboy - We got love
Jessica carries to song herself on a dark neon lit stage in hr purple dress looking like she enjoys every moment of it. Sadly we can't apparently see it as she's in the dark, too dark, in her own club dancing to herself and trying to be sexy without such luck. The dancng looks very akward at least int he big picture... So in the end it's maybe better we don't see her? Her vocals are far from perfect - why am I not surprised? The description by fellow bloggers sounds pretty much like Lena Philipsson's Dansa i neon song, but her staging back then was fun and colorful and alight. Seems like this is the agreed letdown of the day.... And then there are those who thought it was very strong and perfect .-) Isn't it a bit Sweden inspired one when she tries to dance us off and those neon sticks?
Update: It's said Jessica left the building in tears after she heard the reviews that were bad in unision... Poor girl. 

"Simple", "Effective", "Dark", "Mediocre", "Absolutely appalling", 
"Desperate", "Strong", "Cheap"

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