Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Day 4 and today we will see the rest of the semi-finalists rehearse, aka the second half of the second semi-final and then we have a clearer picture of all acts. There have been some surprises already in both semis, as well as some letdowns (apparently Australia's Jeessica left the  press center in tears last nigth after she came aware of the unison negative reception) so the competition is fierce in the first one, and those who thought the second one is the easy one - think again!

Georgia - Ethno-Jazz band Iriao - For you
Mystery revealed: only three band members are on stage singing, with added keyboardist and guitarist, Suits with white shirts, read and light blue turns red lighting. Apparently nice close ups but not so much camera contact so they are pretty much waisted. No show whatsoever, except some arm choreography towards the end it seems, let the music speak to itself.  Some say they looked bored and forced to perform together... oops! On the other hand other reviewers say it's majestic and giving goosebumps. Go figure. Another very divisive entry for sure. Waterfall pyros and dry ice in the end. Some are sending this to final afteer all. Well, I think it always had an almost certain spot there even if it isn't among my favorites....

"Simple", "Basic", "Great vocals", "Goosebumps", "Classical", "Effective", "Spot on harmonies", "Il Volo-esque", "Calming"

Poland - Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer - Light me up
Is this JOWST vol.2? Apparently pretty much same color theme and staging. Gromee and Lukas have on stage with three backing singer girls and a bassist. All in black and the guys wearing their signature preacher hats. They try to get (inexisting) audience to jump and take part in the show so we won't see this in real action until the real shows. This is another act adapted straight from the national final to this stage. Lukas uses the catwalk while Gromee is behind his dj desk doing some weird dance moves aka dad dancing and waves with his hands. Add pyros. 

"Limp", "Not exciting", "Vocals ok-ish", "Ridiculous dance movements", "Underwhelming"

Malta - Christabelle - Taboo
Projections, LED screens (yes! they didn't manage without apparently, being the only one so far), holograms?, 3D effects, stunning laser light show, pumas?, pyros.  Christabelle in black leather and purple, female dancer... a lot is going on underlining the mental illness theme perhaps?  Is she eating a on-screen heart at one point? She handles the vocals as she always does in the end, and this might be the act with the most happening on stage but apparently it all goes together after all. More is more!

"Intense", "Engaging", "Strong", "Piercing stage presence", "Beautiful", "Very visual", "Spectacular", "Intense", "Distracting", "Innovative"

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